Dress to look Slim

Everyone has days when they just don’t feel like themselves. Regardless of whether the number on the scale has gone up, sometimes a girl feels bloated, sluggish, or like nothing fits. It happens to the best of us. There are certain pieces of clothing that are more flattering than others.

The first thing most people think to wear to look slimmer is something form fitting, which what most people don’t know is the tighter the clothes, the bigger you may look… not in every circumstance though. The way to look slim, especially on the bloated days is to wear something a bit bigger, like a sweater or jacket. Don’t wear something too many sizes up because then the look may come off as frumpy. If a sweater will be worn, make sure to pair it with something not so baggy on the bottom, possibly leggings or skinny jeans depending on the length of the sweater.

slimming sweater

The best way to look slim, is to look tall. No worries if you consider yourself short either! There are ways to make the body look longer by the clothes it is wearing. Skinny Jeans, knee high boots or a heel, a cami or blouse, and a long cardigan (if needed) will do just the trick to make you look taller and slimmer.


Now onto stripes. Vertical and Horizontal stripes create two completely different looks. Vertical stripes (up and down) are meant to make a body look longer and slimmer. Horizontal stripes (side to side) can create a wide illusion and make a body look bigger than it actually is.

The key to a small waist without having to put down the girl scout cookies is by simply making it appear smaller than it actually is. This is my favorite slimming fashion tip because it really works and it’s pretty easy. All you have to do as a small belt to the smallest part of your torso and it makes it appear so much slimmer. Here is a snapshot below to show you what I mean.

belt at waist

Looks cute right? And super slimming! Use these tips and tricks next time you’re having “one of those days” and just don’t feel as slim as usual. And remember, being bloated happens to the best of us.


Fashion Arguments

I was recently reading arguments against fashion on debate.com to get some ideas, and I was genuinely curious as to why people would be against fashion and one sentence that stuck out to me was, “One’s confidence does not grow from the way one is dressed, but from the inner qualities one possesses.” That can very well be true and I do believe in that, but at the same time, you only feel so confident in sweatpants compared to a nice business suit or cute outfit.
It is proven that women walk with their shoulders back and carry more of a confident vibe when they are dressed nice and feel good about the way they look.
The fashion industry is also enormous and very well known, so dressing in style and “keeping up” with the latest trends can make you feel smart in a way.

The same article I read was in favor of fashion and everything that comes with it. This argument stated, “A good appearance makes a person look younger, feel relaxed and confident.” I would agree with this statement. Watch an episode of “What not to Wear” and you will see how much people’s confidence rises when they get a makeover and a nice outfit.

Neutral vs. Neon

In case you weren’t sure… neutral colors consist of brown, black, grey, navy, teal, and shades of dark and versatile colors. Neon on the other hand, is completely opposite. Neon colors are bright, statement pieces. Here’s the difference:

Both color choices are great, but there is a time and a place for each one. A good time to wear neutrals would be everyday wear as well as to a work meeting or a classy event. Neon looks best when worn in the summer to a fun event or party.

The best thing about neutral colors are that they always look polished and casual. Props to neutral colors as well for working great for both day and night wear. An outfit worn to work on a Friday consisting of neutral colors will also do great things for a Friday night dinner date. No matter what shade of skin color or ethnicity, neutral colors match any color skin and hair color. Wearing neutral colors is by far my favorite. Black leggings with brown boots and an army green colored shirt has so much more of a relaxed look rather than a neon pink top, in my opinion.

On the topic of neon, it is way more of a “not so everyday” color category. Neon colors are very bold and bright. They are meant to grab peoples attention and make a bold color statement. Bright pinks, oranges, and yellows look amazing on sun tanned skin in the summer. The hardest thing about picking out a neon outfit, is knowing when to stop. With so many bright colors it can be easy to over-do it. Make sure to pair some sort of neutral color, such as black with the neon piece to equal it out. Neon dresses should be paired with neutral colored shoes. If paired with another color shoes, that goes more along the lines of color blocking.

neon 8

It’s perfectly okay to mix both categories too, as shown in the picture below.


How to get Glowing Skin at Home

A night at home with the girls or even after a stressful day/week a face mask is so rejuvenating. Face masks can be found at a lot of stores that sell cosmetics, there are also at home recipes that work the same and sometimes even better. There are also several things to do to make your face bright and glowing, besides just applying face masks. The things you eat and drink affect how the oil level on your skin as well as breakouts. Here are some face mask recipes and tips and tricks to keep your skin as soft and acne free as ever.

Green Tea and Honey: To make a super-calming, mega-hydrating face mask, all you need is one green tea bag and some honey! Run the tea bag under warm water, snip the top off and empty the loose tea into a bowl. Mix it with a tablespoon of honey to create a paste, then slather it on your skin and let it sit for about 15 minutes before washing it off. It’s a great way to moisturize your skin and make it glow.


White Tea: This stuff is packed with antioxidants, so drinking two cups a day really keeps your skin healthy! White teas tend to be sweeter than other flavors, so you don’t need to add any extra sugar, so it’s a great substitute for sugary hot chocolate.


Face mask recipe for combination skin: Ingredients:
•2 tbsps rosewater
•1 tbsp natural yogurt, room temperature (not lowfat or non-fat)
•1 tbsp runny honey (to get honey runny, you can warm it in a microwave for a few seconds).

Soak rose petals, then crush them in a bowl.
Add the rosewater, yogurt and honey.
Mix well and apply to the skin.
Leave on for 10 minutes.

face mask1

Eat one cup of leafy greens daily (broccoli, steamed green beans, etc.) to keep your com­plex­ion clear and to keep under-eye cir­cles under control.

These masks and tips work great to keep a gorgeous complexion, but remember the most important thing to keep in mind to keep healthy glowing skin is to be stress-free. Stress causes breakouts and can make skin dry out. If school or work has been stressful lately, try yoga or even a relaxing night of making face masks. I can almost bet that you will be happier with your skin after trying these tips and tricks.


Online Shopping

Shopping from the comfort of your own home can be one of life’s greatest luxuries. I’m talking about online shopping. There are so many nice things about be able to lay in bed on a laptop and buy clothes, shoes, jewelry, etc. Just last night, I ordered my New Year’s Eve dress on forever21.com and managed to get free shipping since my order was above 30 dollars.
There are, though, some downsides to shopping outside of the store. I think the worst part about online shopping is not being able to try the item on, that’s why it’s important to know your measurements before making the final purchase. On almost every clothing website, when you click on the item there is a size chart. Knowing your bust, waist, and hip measurement is extremely helpful so you get the right size. Another huge downfall to shopping online is paying the shipping, but some people see it as “gas money.” The seven or eight dollars you might pay for standard shipping and handing would be used as gas money to get you to the mall, so I guess it all evens out eventually. If you shop online around holidays, there are usually free shipping deals and promo codes to chop off a decent amount of the price.
When online shopping, be sure the two most important things to do, is read the reviews, and be clear on the return policy. Reading customer reviews on an item is so helpful because they aren’t trying to sell the product so they will be honest about what they loved, or didn’t enjoy about the specific product. Read the reviews before selecting a size as well, sometimes a review will say if the item ran big or small. It’s a big deal to know the return policy on the item you’re going to buy because sometimes returns aren’t allowed. That’s when you might want to second guess purchasing the product, especially if it’s pricey. Some store websites let online purchases be returned in store, which is nice because if the item didn’t work, no return shipping has to be paid.
Next time you’re home and relaxing in your pajamas and have a little extra money on your credit card, try using these tips when online shopping. After all, the best part about ordering clothes is having something to look forward to when it comes in the mail.

online shopping

A Winter Day

Trying to dress cute in the winter can be intimidating. When it’s freezing outside it’s hard to be creative and want to strut in the snow with a cute outfit on rather than warm sweats. It’s not so simple as it would be in the summer to just throw on shorts and a colorful tank.
I’m here to say that it may see difficult to try to put cute outfits together and try new trends when it’s snowing outside and hard to get out of bed, but trust me you can do it. The perfect winter outfit is actually pretty comfortable as well as cozy and even cuter than cut offs.


Jeans or leggings with boots, boot socks or leg warmers, cozy jackets or sweaters, and scarves. The absolute best part of winter is getting to put all of these adorable items together to make the perfect look for winter and to keep you warm from head to toe.
Any kind of boots would work, high boots look the best to me, but Uggs are perfect too. When it comes to boot socks, the best knee high socks you can find are the “camp sock” at J-Crew. Have them show about an inch or two higher than the top of you boot. Leg warmers would have the same effect, they just don’t go around the feet like socks would.
The downside is that this look can be known as “basic” so now it’s up you to add personal touches and make it one of a kind.

Add flower earrings or a ribbon bow in your hair if you feel the need to spice things up. At least this way you might not be referred to as the “typical white girl.” The finishing touch would be a Starbucks cup in hand. Below are some outfit ideas for winter as well as how to wear boot socks.




Maxi Central

Maxi dresses and skirts are known for being one of the most “comfy but cute” items of clothing. Maxi’s are so comfortable because they are mostly made of cotton and are very stretchy. They somewhat vary in exact length, but most of them should and will reach the tips of your toes. For shorter, more petite women, the end of your dress or skirt may even brush the ground (it’s okay if it does… they’re still super cute).

If I had to choose only one thing to wear for the rest of my life I would choose maxi dresses, without a doubt. Not only are they amazingly comfortable, they are also very flattering on most petite bodies. Maxi dresses and skirts are like blank canvases; they are so versatile. A solid black or grey maxi is a necessity for every closet. If you’re a person more into patterns and prints rather than solid colors, no worries! They come in all different colors and patterns.
The pictures below show the difference between a maxi dress and a maxi skirt.



Maxi’s are so versatile in ways that they can be worn with accessories. Jewelry, belts, scarves, you name it and it will probably look amazing on you favorite maxi. Not to mention how many types of maxi’s there are. Some are so dressy they can be worn to weddings and others are so casual they can be worn to the beach. How you wear it and what you wear it with though, is all up to you.

The one struggle I have when deciding what to wear with my maxi is shoes. I live in Iowa and it’s December so sandals are not an option, which is a downer because sandals look the best with maxi’s. The other day I was trying different types of shoes on with my favorite black stripped maxi and found that ballet flats are the closest thing to perfect. My maroon suede ballet blats with go great with just about every maxi in my closet. What a breakthrough! Also, with it being 30 degrees everyday, I will always pair my maxi with a jacket. Almost any stylish jacket will do, my personal favorite is my denim or leather jacket to dress the outfit up or down depending on the occasion. For fall wear, a flannel or button up shirt will do the trick of keeping you warm when wearing a tank top maxi.